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The women of WE Global are your brain trust. We are Operational Experts, Advisors and Strategists. We are here to guide you on how to build a solid company and avoid the pitfalls that litter the road. We’ve got your back.


Some things are learned the hard way, we did it for you. Videos, podcasts, blogs workshops, masterclasses, events and good old coffees await you, to give you some serious up-skilling across our 5 tracks of empire building. 


We believe in the power of the collective intelligence of a female founder community to accelerate the growth of its entrepreneurial sisters. So be generous. We are an all inclusive platform, your male co-founder is welcome to join separately.


Our goal is to get you to traction and to attain early product-market fit by connecting you to future clients, pre-vetted service providers, our tech innovation lab, content creator studio and university partners so you have the resources you to need to launch or to scale. 


Entry Level Membership is perfect for the new entrepreneur or small business owner focused on learning the critical fundamentals and networking with our global founder community.


Gower Membership Privileges:

  • Comprehensive Profile & Personal Media Library

  • Peer to Peer Media Library

  • Community Directory Access & Private Messaging

  • Live Feed

  • Priority Access to Workshops/Events

  • Founders' Forum 

  • Curated News Feed

  • WE Global Content On-Demand

  • Select Studio Bungalow Access


Intermediate Level Membership is ideal for the fully engaged entrepreneur or established small business owner who is building their business and wants to leverage the network, and its full resources to improve and advance their business.

Additional Sunset Privileges:

  • WE Bungalow Content On-Demand

  • Full Access to 8 WE Studio Bungalows

  • Opportunity Board Access & Posting Privileges

  • Startups Profile Center Access & Feature Page Privileges

  • Discounted Workshops/Events

  • Notify and Target Members of the Community on Your Activity

  • Member Benefit Discounts w/Service Providers


Advanced Level Membership is provided for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are committed to advancing their progress rapidly and want to tap into custom offerings that focus on their companies and their leadership needs.

Additional Melrose Privileges:

  • ​Startup Innovation Recruitment Program

  • Cohort Program

  • Product-Market Fit Entrepreneurship Program

  • Due Diligence Preparation

  • Mini-Makeovers

  • Free Workshops/Events

  • Office Hours

  • Discounted Masterclasses

  • Member Benefit Discounts w/ Partners


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At WE Global Studios, we have created a new architecture for the startup process. Our platform provides you with the expertise and guidance you need to create, launch and lead your successful business.


Membership opens up a wealth of resources and a powerful network of experts and like-minded visionaries. Membership is on an annual basis, and we offer a 7-day money back guarantee to ensure you are satisfied from day one.

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