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Why WE Global

Albert Einstein once said,

“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity.” I think we can all agree that the existing start up ecosystem isn’t working for women, literally. Although you can find plenty of literature that promotes the value and power of female leadership and women led companies, in 2018 only 2.2% of the 130 billion dollars were invested in female founder led companies by Venture Capital firms. However, the problem is not just the lack of funding. Money doesn’t guarantee success, if it did, VC’s would not have a failure rate of 30% with another 30% of their investments barely breaking even.

Our mission is to have a direct and impactful role in the financial success of women entrepreneurs. Whether the founder’s goal is IPO, strategic partnership, exit or good old fashion true profitability. WE partner with you on the vision execution journey and increase those odds by adapting the Hollywood Studio Model of creative manufacturing to the start-up ecosystem where producers and directors are replaced by founders and CEO’s and content is replaced by company creation.

So rather than redecorating the pre-accelerator, accelerator, incubator, Y-combinator or any other “woman-ator,” WE are disrupting the ecosystem and building a custom model that works to our strengths and leverages our collective intelligence to level the playing field.

Our thesis is that the Hollywood Studio model, can be very effective at reducing the risk of failure and increasing the odds of success by creating a collective intelligence of founders who help each other succeed, by having outside and WE operational expertise units that step in to support the vision execution process at the appropriate time, by providing industry specific traction partners in house to provide exposure to the customer needs and wants early, by eliminating financial waste and amortizing the cost of repeated expenditures that all founders experience by sharing resources, by educating and training women entrepreneurs on the entrepreneurial performance mindset, by teaching the importance of the mastery of funding, biz dev strategies, go to market protocol, the integration of data analytics and AI, by brokering network building, and the list of strategic approaches goes on and on.  A Hollywood studio is a creative manufacturing facility that starts with an idea and ends with a finished, produced, distributed and marketed product. It’s a place where writers/producers/directors work on each other’s pilots (our MVPs) and consult, give advice, and are integral to the success of each other’s proof of concept.   We women are collaborative by nature, and that is a powerful strength that has gone unitized.  Instead we have been thrust into a world where it's one woman against another for a seat at the table on pitch night. All to collect a few cents on the dollar on our road to executing our vision, while providing a little entertainment on stage.  

Our first step is to build our collective intelligence, our community, which collectively will produce the success metrics that, like the box office returns of the feature “Wonder Woman,” will prove once and for all that women entrepreneurs can headline a company and deliver big box office returns.



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